There are three main options available:

1. Private rentals (short or long term)

This option requires time and personal involvement. Consideration should be given to how the property would be marketed, cleaned and maintained as well as who would be responsible for handing over the keys and checking the inventory.

2. Rentals through a local agent (short or long term)

This solution is far more realistic and very often chosen. The French agent's fees vary according to the work required by the client (research of tenants, cleaning, inventories, linen supply etc). An average fee for full management for short term letting is in the region of 25% of the gross rental income.

3. Leaseback scheme

Whichever option you choose the rental income has to be declared to the French tax authorities. In most situations, the rental income is not taxed as many charges can be offset (mortgage interest, local taxes, service charges, managing agent fees, etc).