The list of partners involved in an MGM project is a long one. From the local councillor to the final client and including the bank manager and all the building trades, it’s impossible to mention everybody. Some of them, however, have been kind enough to talk to us about their collaboration with MGM and we are reproducing here some extracts from their remarks.

«... and for the third time we became owners of an MGM apartment... Indeed, we like the product and the facilities and every time we’ve been delighted with the quality of the materials and the position...»

Bernard and Annie Vandroux, who purchased their first MGM apartment in 1966


«MGM is not only an operator but it’s also one of the major developers in the Alps, which makes it a favoured partner for the Société d’Aménagement de la Savoie (Savoie development company). This geographical proximity enables us to have a dialogue and to maintain a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. »

Franck Lombard, SAS


«My relationship with David Giraud is very friendly (...) and I must admit that the links we have built up helped me to sever the emotional link with my land...»

Annie Buffet, land-owner in Morillon


«We have planted hundreds of trees and thousands of shrubs for the MGM Group... I remember 2006 particularly well as a year during which we planted more than 800 trees and 15,000 shrubs...»

Patrick Humblot, landscape architect.