Andrew, 42 years old, works for a bank in London.

Passionate about sport, Andrew goes every year on holiday to the Mountains to ski.

This family man wishes to buy an apartment and enjoy his holidays as a 100% owner, but also to invest in a quality asset, with the intention to leave it to his 2 children.

He chose Tignes, a dynamic and sporty resort. Appreciative of nice things, he particularly likes the quality of MGM finishes, having already stayed several times. In 2013, he invested in Residence Kalinda, where he spends the majority of his winter holidays, while enjoying the many facilities of the residence (swimming pool, steam room, fitness suite...).

- It is 5 years now since we chose our MGM apartment in Tignes, and we do not regret our choice! We do not want to stay at a hotel, and prefer having meals together as a family, in freedom, the leaseback residence was the right choice for us. -


Do the same as Andrew, invest serenely with MGM in Tignes