Spa in the French Alps

Pure Altitude and MGM joins for your well-being, in a strong, unique and legitimate world: the mountain

Pure Altitude is a mark of natural and successful care using an key active ingredient of the regeneration: the edelweiss flower

The edelweiss is a powerful natural protector against external stress and signs of aging in the skin.

In formulae, it is associated with about fifty plants and minerals to the multiple virtues. Properties:
• soothing, moisturizing and nourishing
• antioxidant, anti-free radical
• protective and regenerating

Not to miss the point, do not forget to reserve your body treatments during the booking of your stay.


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Soins du visage

• Soin Eclat de givre – 25 mn. • Soin pureté au masculin – 50 mn. • Soin Bol d’oxygène – 50 mn. • Soin Sève de Vie – 80 mn. • Soin LiftAlpes – 80 mn.



Soins du corps

• Soin Corps comme la neige – 50 mn. • Soin Corps LiftAlpes – 50 mn. • Massage corps Pure Altitude – 50 mn • Massage à la bougie – 50 mn • Massage énergétique des Alpes – 80 mn