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Investing in mountain property is a wise way to acquire a profitable asset and benefit from advantageous tax breaks. While investing in mountain bricks and mortar is synonymous with a good investment, the fact remains that a few basic precautions must be taken to ensure that your property purchase is a sustainable investment. Below, our experts explain the 5 main steps of buying a property in the mountains.

Tourist residence in the mountains: how do I choose my apartment?

Step 1: choose the right location

The location and position of the property you seek are two key factors for a successful seasonal rental investment. For an apartment in a mountain chalet, the decision is made in two phases: choosing a resort, then picking the location within that resort.

A ski resort that suits you

The first step of your mountain property purchase involves selecting the resort in which you want to invest. Each ski area has its own specific features and it is important to choose a resort that is to your taste. Some invite you to get away from it all on hundreds of kilometres of ski slopes, while others offer a more family-friendly and welcoming setting.
In both cases, ski resorts are no longer only sought after by sports enthusiasts. So it is important for you to choose an attractive ski area offering a wide variety of activities. Several other criteria must be taken into account in your selection process: ease of access, dynamic offering all year round (and in the summer season), quality of infrastructure, etc.
Our MGM advisors can help you find the resort of your dreams. Our knowledge of the local market enables us to direct you to prestigious resorts that will meet your needs.

A convenient location within the resort

Whatever region you want to invest in, a good location is always a location near amenities. In the mountains, this means a residence at the heart of the resort or with ski-in ski-out access, no driving needed ­– the ski lifts can be accessed directly from the residence. If the mountain chalet is further out, you need to be sure it is near services and shops, or is well served by public transport.

Step 2: select a local developer specialising in mountain tourism

For a successful mountain property investment, you must also be able to rely on local businesses’ know-how and skills. Choosing a housebuilder is therefore a key step in your mountain property purchase.

Local knowledge

An effective developer must have a thorough knowledge of the area where their residences are built. For example, MGM has over 50 years’ experience in designing and building mountain residences. We therefore offer luxury homes ideally integrated with their natural environment.
As responsible builders, we use top-of-the-range materials and techniques guaranteed to preserve the territory. A developer with high standards, MGM also contributes to sustainable resort development by working with local economic players.

Thibault P.
Financial advisor in the Lyon urban area
Inevitably, a developer who has been building in resorts for a number of years will know their environment like the back of their hand and will select preferred, high-quality locations. In a rental investment context, I can only advise buyers to place their trust in a local developer, who will then take care of managing the property themselves and whose knowledge of the market and geographical area will guard against any unpleasant surprises.

Step 3: pay a visit to the site

What could be safer and more reassuring than a site visit? Especially since any serious developer, renowned for their quality buildings, will not hesitate for a moment if you ask to visit their construction sites and residences. When you go there in person, you will form your own impression of the product but also the environment, the resort and its accessibility… and at this step of the apartment-hunting process, you will have the answer to the following question: “Do I want to spend my holidays in this type of apartment and residence, at this resort?”.


Step 4: check the build quality

A residence’s construction plays an important role in its unique character and charm, while guaranteeing its value as an asset. Materials and build quality can vary according to the developer. That is why you must ensure that the residence is sound. If you have chosen a trustworthy developer, this step will be relatively quick.

A development overseen by a serious, competent and rigorous project manager will never lose its cachet over the year. The developer’s high standards and identity will remain intact down to the last detail, such as the quality of finishes or materials used. Noble and authentic materials (like wood, stone and flagstone), which are an integral part of Savoyard architecture, guarantee that the residences fit in well with their environment and combine perfectly with more contemporary materials such as glass and stainless steel. MGM therefore works with innovative materials ensuring total thermal comfort and impressive solidity throughout the structure. Our constructions are authentic, durable and always in keeping with the times.

Step 5: choose a pleasant living space

As you might have noticed, homes with limited space and the “studio cabins” typical of the 1970s-80s are no longer in favour with French or foreign families considering a mountain holiday. Most tenants are now looking for larger, more functional spaces, for indoor comfort has become just as important as quality and having a variety of activities at the resort.

Apartment surface area: an important attractiveness factor

The time has come for large, comfortable spaces, full of light and warmth. People come to stay at a resort to spend time with their family, especially families who live apart, and to enjoy the benefits of the mountain together. Expectations have evolved, lifestyles have changed and are more connected, driven by the intensive use of smartphones and social media. This makes times of “togetherness” all the more crucial.

A clientele less interested in lengthy skiing sessions is coming to the mountains in search of experiences, sharing and exchange, seeing these resorts as relaxing places for rest and recuperation. At this stage of your property search, you need to pay attention to apartments’ square metres and functionality.

Aware of this shift, MGM offers larger apartments than those generally found in the mountains. Our homes are fully equipped and their contemporary lines optimise all available space. The living rooms generally continue into a terrace or balcony with enough room to offer an exceptional view of the Alpine landscapes. So now you have learned the 5 essential steps to buying a property. Discover our other expert advice on choosing the right location and successfully investing in a mountain tourist residence.

Martine B.
Has worked at a tourist office in the Tarentaise Valley for 14 years
Almost no-one wants small apartments anymore, except for seasonal visitors. Today, people come to the mountains to feel good indoors as well as outdoors. Customers want to have the same level of comfort as at home. This comfort is measured in square metres, but also in terms of equipment! Families are increasingly scattered or separated, parents increasingly mobile, including mothers, who also have to travel for work. As a result, customers’ living habits and expectations have completely changed over the years. People no longer want to be on the slopes for 9 hours, make their own packed lunches… The mountain is enjoyed in a different way! People take pleasure in getting the family together in a spacious and bright apartment where everyone has their own space for reading, listening to music, where they can all cook together, eat meals at the same time… Basically, rediscover the little pleasures of everyday life.

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