Hotel residence

A résidence hôtelière or résidence de tourisme is a type of tourist accommodation which essentially accommodates holidaymakers or business travellers. More often it involves a family. This type of accommodation can be found in the mountains, in towns or in the country.

How does a résidence hôtelière or résidence de tourisme operate

A property developer will offer to sell you one or more apartments in a development. You are the property owner! You are able to occupy your property for several weeks per year (this varies according to the system used).
The weeks when your apartment is vacant (if you are not using it as a second home), you entrust its operation to the developer’s manager of résidences hôtelières, who will take care of letting it for you and will undertake to pay you a regular fixed income.
In general, résidences hôtelières are buildings operated as a co-ownership complex but some apartments may be individually owned.
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