Our jobs

Unlike set-ups where the various roles are shared between several structures, the MGM group wanted to integrate everything in order to manage everything. This is a considerable advantage for the purchaser and the resident, who can be sure they are dealing with those who are really in charge and who have a complete knowledge of their apartment complexes. This integration is original, but above all very effective, as much for the holidaymaker as for the owner, who can both be sure of finding a full service and relevant advice.

With willpower, you can climb to great heights; without willpower, you will stay at the bottom of the mountain.

Chinese proverb

Doing business is second nature to us! For over 50 years, embarking on new ventures has been the very essence of the MGM group, which is devoted to one single job: creating the most beautiful developments at exceptional sites in the Northern Alps. This is a meaningful business founded on strong convictions, elevating holiday property to an art form. Firmly committed to customer satisfaction, MGM relies on the know-how and skills of local players who are deeply attached to mountain values. Well-versed in the geographical and architectural constraints of mountain areas, MGM is a genuine historic partner of the winter sports resorts and knows how to put its deep roots and knowledge of the field to good use for its customers’ benefit.

The architect must become the one who puts nature into practice.

Etienne Louis Boullée

The story of a residence is often linked to its environment, to its site. The MGM group follows one golden rule when it comes to real estate: you need to find the ideal location, that exceptional site that will enable you to combine beautiful scenery with a pleasant and privileged place to live. This respect has nothing to do with nostalgia, as the buildings are very much of our time, with all that implies in terms of performance, innovation and comfort. MGM looks to the future with confidence, but is opposed to an extreme vision which could harm the mountains’ image. Its apartment complexes are always on a human scale and integrate elegantly into the resorts which play host to them.

The mountain offers us the backdrop; it’s up to us to write the story that goes with it.

Nicolas Helmbacher

This rich and diverse backdrop, always in motion, has never ceased to inspire architects, and conjures up many clichés in our imagination. Just close your eyes for a few seconds: in the background is the peace of the mountain, slumbering beneath its magnificent white mantle, which covers the stone and wood-clad chalets with a duvet of powdery snow. A stereotype perhaps, but a simple image, with no retouching… Imagining a new project, a new residence, starts with drawing up a list of specifications that takes account of all the planning constraints. “But beyond these processes, a new complex is imagined and reflected in a desire for an all-encompassing concept,” explains Jean-Claude Descombes, an architect for MGM Constructeur.

Building means collaborating with the earth: it means leaving the mark of man on a landscape that will be forever changed by it.

Marguerite Yourcenar

MGM has always expressed its wish to work with rigorous partners, mainly local companies and artisans who share common values. Over time, a relationship of trust has been formed with these contractors. Jean-Stéphane Kreseski, MGM foreman, sums it up: “I think people make a company and not the other way round. I wouldn’t be doing this job today if I didn’t enjoy human relations, if I didn’t enjoy uniting and stimulating people. Relationship management is an important part of my job, which also involves checking the quality of the work done, monitoring progress, compliance with deadlines, site maintenance, choice of equipment, materials, etc.”

The essence of a project is perfect harmony between the beautiful, the useful and the just.

Franck Lloyd Wright

The comfort of the sophisticated atmosphere, of a cosy and snug apartment, stands in contrast to the rigour of the mountain.  The difficulty lies in harmonising this external environment with the indoor atmosphere, which is nothing more than a natural extension of it… with its own specificities. Each establishment has to exist as such and must not resemble any other. The only connection is the MGM identity. Combining comfort and elegance, functionality and aesthetics, finding the same know-how indoors and out. Revisiting the mountain lifestyle with subtlety, transforming simple living spaces into places of intimacy. The interior designer has to be a decorator, too. The trend is for combinations of materials, sometimes surprising but ultimately very harmonious, adding to the residences’ charm and cachet.

Ask not what your consumer can do for you but what you can do for your consumer.

Faith Popcorn

Hospitality and quality of services require as much attention as the choice of materials and build quality. The values remain the same: here too, we are talking about know-how, skills, responsiveness… And here, too, just one concern: customers’ aspirations! The aim is to experience special times with family and friends, to feel this personal attention, be listened to throughout your stay; while kindness and attention remain fundamental, the concepts of hospitality and services are an integral part of our values. The apartment’s comfort, location, layout and decoration, and the various services on offer within the residence, make up the MGM lifestyle. A pleasant surprise and above all a way to experience the mountain differently.