Maurice Giraud has never been the type to hesitate when presented with building opportunities. Sure of success and backed up by his passion for building and for the mountains, he fully committed himself to an adventure which, in just a few decades, has made his group one of the biggest specialists in holiday apartment complexes in the French Alps.

A characteristic often found in great entrepreneurs is that rare ability that they have to defy their destiny. Maurice Giraud began without personal wealth or any particular advantage other than that faith deeply rooted within him, the desire to realise his most ambitious dreams. Amongst his many successes, the greatest is without a doubt having been able to arouse the same enthusiasm in his son David, who today runs a 100 strong group of people.
It is when you turn round that you can measure how far you have come in half a century, but looking backwards is not really the way of this family, who are more attracted by the future. This dynamic is a piece of good fortune. Thinking that you have never arrived, that you can always go further and do better incites you to reinvent your new life each day.
This is how the group has become the benchmark it is today. Beyond any over-cautious view of the business, father and son have first and foremost thought about the pleasure of living in the heart of the mountains for which they have a real passion, while being fully aware that to deserve the luxury of living their dream life, there is always a price to be paid.

And that price is excellence.

When you seek to be acknowledged by the exacting environment of the mountains, you must not disappoint, and make the clear choice of quality, with no concessions nor half-measures. You must have a profound respect for the environment and for the people who live there as well as for future purchasers.
You only have to go into an MGM complex to realise that everything has been designed with generosity, on a technical level as well as on that of the decor and comfort. The goal fixed at the outset seems to have been achieved, the group now having a wide scope and being equipped to create ever finer and ever more prestigious holiday sites which are perfectly integrated into and are respectful of their environment.
Whichever way you look at the mountains, one thing is certain: whilst constantly evolving to reflect the most valued new developments, MGM complexes have in their genes that eternal style that never goes out of fashion.
Enjoying your holidays goes hand in hand with making an excellent investment.

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