Entrepreneurial spirit

To understand the MGM group, you first need to take account of its mountain origins and the passion of its founder Maurice Giraud and his son David for this secretive and generous Alpine environment. A passion for a job that requires the human touch and a sense of culture, a passion inscribed in the Giraud family’s DNA. For creating a property development means sharing the values of authenticity and hospitality, but also excellence. It means getting to know your customers, understanding their needs, anticipating their desires… It is this passion that opens up the world of opportunities embraced by MGM.


All the teams work hard throughout the year, driven by a deep desire to do their very best. This synergy boosts all our employees’ creativity, driving them to find solutions and create unique developments tailored to every customer’s needs. Every last detail is carefully researched, and visitors feel all the elements’ total harmony with each other as soon as they enter. Because innovation means daring, at MGM we attentively nurture boldness, a source of creativity and value. We love beautiful wood, stones and glass, and we showcase them without ever forgetting that this region has its own style, its own history that we must respect. Human hands and inspiration do the rest… The hands of people who want to innovate, venture forth and offer the best, while never compromising on quality.

Team spirit
"Alone you go faster, together you go further"

The path taken is not the result of the work of a single individual, but of a team driven by the same passion, the same objective; men capable of the most remarkable achievements, the driving force of a group whose the one and only priority is based on confidence in the individual and his talents. A team spirit that is expressed daily through open-mindedness, a requirement that is inseparable from our conception of the builder's profession, a spirit that has guided our steps for more than fifty years to become, today, the benchmark for top end developer in the French Alps. Diversity within the group is also enriched by a presence in all property businesses, making MGM a unique operator contributing to the revitalisation of mountain areas.

The quest for excellence

These three values are inseparable from a fourth one, the quest for Excellence. Present in all our business areas whatever the territory, it translates into a way of being, listening and constantly striving for perfection. It determines our choices and imposes very strict criteria: the ideal location, the exceptional site, the innovation that will enable us to combine beautiful scenery with a pleasant and privileged place to live .This quest for excellence is the foundation on which the MGM group builds and grows. It is also our source of motivation, the drive to keep moving forward for our customers’ benefit and satisfaction. Everyone at the MGM group is committed to sharing these high standards, with the aim of offering our buyers the best the mountain has to offer.