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Posted on 3 September 2019

Running & biking charity event around Lake Annecy

Running and pedaling duets non-stop for the benefit of two associations is the singular concept of this charity and sports relay race around Lake Annecy.
2000 participants, 350 volunteers, 46 km, 20 000 € donated to 2 associations. For more than 30 years, every year, in September, the Ancilevienne brings together riders and cyclists of different levels but with the same team spirit, the same taste for challenge and the same good mood!
 The concept is rare and requires a good coordination between the two teammates taking turns: "When you run, I pedal. When you are fed up with running, you reverse. To do this, two obligations: the runner must always be the bearer relay witness and the bike must never be left at the side of the road. Thus, each tandem travels the 46 km around Lake Annecy (80% on bike path) at their own pace and level, with only one prerogative: cross the finish line together. The key, € 20,000 for two associations.
This year, the organising committee of this solidarity event has chosen to contribute up to 15,000 € the "Vanilla-Strawberry" association, fighting against the Sturge-Weber syndrome, a rare and serious disease related to a vascular malformation. € 5,000 will also be donated to the "Sowers of Joy", the hospitable clowns of Haute-Savoie. To support this event, support associations and athletes of the day with a big heart, taking place on September 8 at 8:30 in Annecy-le-Vieux. Village festival, catering and entertainment for all after the race.

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