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Posted on 8 February 2018

MGM constructeur is specialised in high quality developments in the mountains and is renowned for being a quality brand.
Regarding the choice of materials, the developer from the Haute-Savoy provides comfortable and stunning residences, but above all reliable and durable property.
Used inside and outside of its buildings, noble materials such as wood, granite, stone are the basis of the character and spirit of its constructions.

MGM’s exigence is also highlighted by the group to work with rigorous partners, principally local artisanal partners.
Materials that are of a high quality and long standing partnerships with reputable artisans are distinguishing factors which guarantee future owners property that will prove to be a profitable asset long term.

A word from Jean-Stéphane Kreseski,
Technical director of developments MGM Constructeur.

« The particularity of a development, its originality and its value, can be found in every fine detail of a building. For example, the railings of which we rarely speak, are an important part of a residence. There is a genuine esthetic research carried out in the choice of design and material, because these are integral in giving a building its esthetic identity.
Our cladding, which is in pine, can be either stained brushed finish or sandblasted finish. For all that is stone, we use equally cut stone from the Luzerne which due to its more regular and rectangular aspects gives a more contemporary modern finish. Stone which comes from the Mont-Blanc region has more of a rough grey finish, stone from the Maurienne a more black finish and we also use stone from the Grésy-sur-Aix with its yellow/orange shades. It is therefore important that there is a nice marraige between materials and colours. The mix has to be harmonious. »