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Posted on 12 February 2019

The resort of Savoyard skiing, with the ‘Famille Plus’ label, with lots on offer for little and large, otherwise lots of skiing! opposite Mont Blanc, in the heart of the Tarentaise, La Plagne proposes a multitude of activities other than skiing.

Outdoor: try ice!

The outdoor version, heart stopper 100% thrills assured! Get your crampons on, ice pickes, helmet… Welcome to Champagny en Vanoise, in a unique and exclusive site in Europe: La Tour de Glace. It is THE ideal spot to learn and perfect ice climbing in an exceptional environment. The central pillar and lateral legs provide varying climbs of a height of 22 metres, allowing initiation climbs for 10 year olds upwards.

Indoor: go hunting for the Chuppayeti...

For the more timid, meeting in the warmth, to experience indoor sensations, with another exclusivity of the Tarine Valley: the Game Space. An unconditional fan of this passtime, Ben Valentin, ski freestyle Champion, has opened 2 rooms in La Plagne Bellecote with 2 distinct scenarios and 2 atmospheres…hunting the Chuppayeti family (from 8 yrs old), or survival mode post-appocalyptic in search of survivors and refuge (16 yrs and over only), there is something fo everyone.