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Posted on 25 March 2016

With the arrival Spring, the ski areas change with the sun piercing through the cloud, the air is milder and the days longer... overall a far more relaxed pace.

Spring skiing, it’s awesome!

The high season is over, ski resorts are preparing for the April school holidays and are developing events and activities to attract as many tourists as possible:

  • A softer snow in abundance, accompanied by sun and less crowded ski slopes ; perfect conditions to ski in tranquil surroundings;
  • Experience new things, resorts are being very pro-active in offering deals to discover new activites après-ski;
  • Take in the stunning scenery which is in the process of slowly losing it’s hard winter edge and softening with the arrival of Spring and the warmer;
  • Spring is also the party season, cultural tours, concerts, spectacles… ; experience all the culture that the resorts have to offer;
  • Spring skiing, offers you lots of activities in beautiful conditions and lots of great offers.

The Spring ski season, allows you to try new things and have unforgettable moments together!

Le Printemps du Ski (official teaser)