Our Story

The story begins in 1963, when Maurice Giraud created his construction company. He went up a gear with the creation of the MGM brand in 1985, and then again several years later with the first residence in the Chamonix valley, in Argentiere. David Giraud took over from his father in 2003 and in 2008 opened the new group headquarters in Annecy. Not including developments outside of the ski resorts, MGM group has constructed more than 30 residences, or more than 8 000 apartments throughout the French Alps, where each year new developments are being launched…



Our Values

A company is also an economic organism, which must operate from its profits in order to survive. But to summarize it would be an error. The MGM group has always considered money as a means to accomplish its mission, and not its objective. To define this mission involves analysing the principal motors that make it work. Passion for the mountains, a taste for the highest quality, a sense of service, environmental responsibility…all aspects which, put together, reveal its true identity…



Our Jobs

The real vocation of MGM Group could be summed up as follows: provider of happy holidays. Behind these few words, we find at first an original and passionate designer-builder of residences, then a team of sales advisors tuned to its customers. For several years, a structure destined to manage its residences has been created, taking charge of the rental of the apartments, both in terms of reservations and the maintenance and upkeep of each residence. So, the service is complete with maximum guarantees, the only group assuming all the services….



What they say about us

MGM Group is open to an environment of partners in all domains. A good collaboration with them depends on the smooth running of the Residence developments, an area that the company has always paid a lot of attention to. It is in this way that a chain of professionals can be formed across all levels, with people who know each other, who understand each other and who can work sharing the goals of MGM excellence. In the endeavour to manage the residence totally, various people work hard to ensure total success…


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