MGM views its professional commitment starting from the principle that one must throw oneself body and soul into the satisfaction of one’s clients, one’s partners and the interests of one’s internal team.

It is a question of honesty to oneself and personal satisfaction and this reasoning is also valid when it comes to the business’s role in society.

Citing the human values of generosity and commitment only makes sense if they are applied to all aspects of life. Beyond words, action is necessary and in this respect MGM is sending an unambiguous message, as is shown by the event organised in le Grand Bornand, as part of the «Bonheur des Mômes» festival.

Isabelle Pochat-Cottilloux, manager of the resort’s Tourist Office, and who is taking part in its organisation, is very positive about MGM’s commitment, «Signing a partnership agreement with MGM was decisive for the development of Glisse en Cœur... David Giraud had the intelligence to involve all his employees and some suppliers in this cause... In 5 years, we have raised more than 260,000 € in donations!'

 The aid provided by MGM is of a financial nature but it also provides logistic help by making available accommodation for the associations and personalities attending the event.

Marianne Bréchu, freeride champion and now heavily involved in operations to help sick children, reveals another aspect, 'the children are welcomed by CGH, (MGM’s management partner) like princes and princesses, and it’s the children themselves who say so.'

The spirit of mountain hospitality is alive and well and MGM is very much playing its part in this area.