It all begins with the conception of a residential project. MGM has always been acknowledged for its exacting standards when selecting its sites naturally based on their exceptional characteristics as well as with an eye for the respect for the mountains. The group looks for the perfect balance between quality of life and respect for as yet untouched areas which need to be conserved.

While proximity to the pistes and shop is one of the principal factors, MGM’s projects are never intrusive and retain very reasonable proportions; apartment buildings very rarely exceed a maximum of 50 apartments.

During construction, cleanliness rules are drawn up to avoid any mess and to enable a perfect result to be achieved. However, the main aspect of the MGM initiative is to be found in the construction itself, which whenever possible uses locally sourced materials, such as for example roofing slates and dressing stones or wood for the structure and the cladding.

Technical choices also follow the same logic, notably when it comes to heating which relies largely on renewable energy. Insulation takes full account of the rigours of the winter climate and the high level of comfort that residents must have. In general, an MGM construction can very easily be recognised by the generosity of its style and the attention paid to an ancestral tradition whilst embracing the requirements and new possibilities of our era.

The grounds are generously planted with trees, shrubs and a wide variety of plants and once time has been allowed for them to grow, the complexes are set in a showcase of greenery which underlines their natural qualities and the way they blend into their surroundings.

With MGM there is no concreting, but a soft approach to resorts’ development needs. An ongoing dialogue between the company and local authorities enables the creation of residential buildings that blend in and which represent the group’s true identity.